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新一鍵root機軟件適合所有Android機種 – SuperOneClick


一鍵root機軟件適用於幾乎所有的Android 手機和所有的Android 版本。 (包括i9000,Droid,Nexus等等)

它目前只適用於 Windows 加上 .NET Framework 2.0+ ,他們說以後可能會移植到Mac / Linux上。

Changed main form’s name to SuperOneClick from RageAgainstTheCageGUI
Enabled Captivate – Get Unlock Code button
Added a messagebox to confirm if Non Market Applications are enabled
Made "Enable Non Market Apps" FULLY universal
Added initial message telling you to remember to allow superuser commands (when enabling Non-Market Apps)

下載連結: SuperOneClickv1.4

消息來源: xda-developers

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